Lie With Me :
+ part one
+ part two
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premise ;
Ros Tyler wakes from a drugged sleep in her London apartment to discover that her roommate has been murdered and that she has been sexually assaulted but can remember nothing. During the investigation, Ros is drawn into an illicit relationship with the investigating detective who admits that they know who the killer is but do not have enough evidence to obtain a conviction. Ros decides to lie in court and identify the accused man as her attacker but her actions have unexpected and unwelcome repercussions.

rating: NR
original release ; 15 November 2004
andy’s character ; DI Will Tomlinson
buy ; amazon (region 1) & eBay (region 2)

Detective Will, rawrrr!



So this happened yesterday. An *unrequested* autograph from Andrew Lincoln arrived in the mail, straight from the UK. I am speechless.

Back in November, I had sent him a quick little note, and I didn’t even include an SASE. He (or, likely, someone he instructed) found my (illegible) return address from my envelope and correctly guessed at my last name (notice the question mark, lol!). And he paid for the international postage. The address on the envelope was typed—with an actual typewriter!

I didn’t even ask for this or expect it! I don’t even know what to do with myself right now. I have been in a daze since I found this in the mail yesterday. I just can’t with this man. Cannot.